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Secure Data Destruction
Your data protection is our primary objective. That is why we are now able to offer an on site data shredding service provided by our partners at Data Safe Assurance Ltd. The importance of recorded secure data destruction is often understated and in light of the new EU data protection regulations coming into effect we believe that data should be destroyed properly and not left to chance. We at WEEE-RecycleIT udnderstand this and have in place a new set of policies to protect both us and our customers. 

FREE IT Recycling
WEEE-RecycleIT is a specialist recycling service based in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Our professional services are licensed by the Environment Agency enabling us to offer free computer recycling for corporate, educational and Government bodies throughout Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Berkshire and beyond.

On-Site Visit
WEEE-RecycleIT offer a free on-site no obligation visit to discuss all your computer disposal and recycling needs. We will show you the monetary benefits to your company that recycling will bring. Whether it’s recycling old computers, laptops, servers and even microwave ovens to emptying out an entire office or warehouse.