A completely FREE I.T. & Computer recycling service for businesses

  • FREE collection and disposal of computers and I.T. related equipment

  • FREE documented, secure data wiping and data destruction service

  • FREE no obligation on-site visit to discuss your recycling needs

  • WEEE-RecycleIT Purchase quality I.T equipment

Free computer recycling

WEEE-RecycleIT is a specialist free IT and computer collection and recycling service based in Northamptonshire. Our professional services are licensed by the Environment Agency enabling us to offer this unique free and professional computer recycling service for corporate, educational and Government bodies throughout Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Berkshire and beyond. We deal with the collection and free disposal of computers and other unwanted Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE). We offer a free, secure, reliable and licensed collection and recycling service with NO hidden charges.

The service we offer draws on a wealth of experience that is geared towards businesses wishing to comply with the WEEE directive and dispose of redundant or unwanted I.T and electrical equipment. We provide fully compliant duty of care (DOC) documentation for the collection of all WEEE and as the service we provide is completely FREE, there is no need for companies to budget for safe and secure disposal of electrical equipment waste.

Free secure data destruction.

WEEE-RecycleIT understands our customer needs for complete data protection. Our FREE guaranteed and documented secure data destruction service is carried out to the highest standards in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act, our stringent company policies and to our customer's instructions. Our service includes a binary wiping solution for the total destruction of data stored on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) or physical destruction.

Office and Warehouse Clearance.

WEEE-RecycleIT offer an office clearance and warehouse clearance service with landfill prevention at the forefront of our activities. To date we have saved multiple tonnes of waste from being sent to landfill by providing licensed exit routes for all the material we collect instead of filling up skips destined for landfill. We are continuously working on improving the service to ensure a larger percentage of clearance waste is diverted from landfill.