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Onsite Shredding

WEEE Figures Recycle Lge

WEEE-RecycleIT offers a reliable, high quality and cost effective onsite data shredding service which will keep you GDPR compliant. Customers can watch their magnetic back-up tapes (LTO, DLT and DAT), mobile phones, printed circuit boards (PCB’s), floppy disks and Compact Discs (CD’s) and any other type of data bearing device shredded in front of them in our dedicated shredding vehicle turning data storage devices into fragments within seconds.

We are capable of handling high volumes of shredding per day and will travel to any location within the UK. This service offers complete peace of mind as it will remove the possibility of data leakage.

Onsite shredding service

  • Witnessed shred of any type and quantity
  • GDPR Compliant onsite shred eliminating data leakage
  • No data bearing device taken offsite means total data control
  • Documentation provided for device quantity and type
  • Certificate of destruction provided

What we can shred

  • LTO, DLT and DAT magnetic storage tapes
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets, USB sticks and PDA’s
  • Floppy Disks and Zip drives
  • CD’s
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s)
  • All other data bearing devices

UK wide secure and confidential shredding service for all types of data

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Booking an onsite hard drive shred

We make booking an onsite hard drive shred as straight forward as possible. We understand that each hard drive shredding job is different. In order to offer you as accurate as possible quote we will need to know the location of the job, the number of hard drives or an estimate, do the serial numbers need recording and have the hard drives been removed from the equipment. Pricing is affected by all these factors, and we will send you a quote based on these details.

Helping us to continue offering a free service

Witnessed count and documenting

We will arrive onsite at the arranged date and time. The shredding process begins with a witnessed device count. The media is separated into types then it is counted and verified with the customer and a Device Count Document (DCD) is signed by both the customer and the WEEE-RecycleIT shredder operative. A copy is given to the customer and WEEE-RecycleIT retain a duplicate. 

Hard drive shredding

Shredding the data bearing devices

Once all the paperwork is complete, the operator puts the drives into the shredding machine. This machine will shred all media to fragments in seconds. We never take any data devices off site and destroy at a later date where you the customer can’t witness its destruction. While the shredding vehicle is on the customers premises it can be inspected at any time to ensure all devices have been shred.

Recycling the shred

Recycling the shred

All the shred is collected in our special containers and transported to our authorised treatment facility partners where it will be broken down for further processing and recycling.

A complete solution to data bearing media destruction

All organisations have an obligation to deal with the destruction of their data in accordance with the 2018 data protection regulations (GDPR) their responsibilities go beyond the straightforward business of handing over data to a recycling company in the hope it is destroyed. WEEE-RecycleIT is an experienced and professional data shredding company. We take away the ambiguity of data destruction by providing an onsite  shredding service for all types of data bearing media including magnetic storage tapes, mobile phones, PCB’s and much more. Our service gives the customer full control of their data right up to the point that it is destroyed. This activity is carried out at the customers premises where and the whole operation can be witnessed.

Choosing the wrong partner to manage your data destruction can not only damage the reputation of your organisation but you could be faced with heavy fines imposed by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

WEEE-RecycleIT have many years of experience in delivering a reliable, high quality onsite data destruction service which will keep you GDPR compliant.

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