Secure Data Destruction

You the customer retain liability for the stored data. Your liability highlights the importance of choosing your data destruction company carefully and the law is set to change in 2017/18. 

Your data protection is our primary objective. That is why we are now able to offer an onsite data shredding service provided by our trusted partners at Data Safe Assurance Ltd . The importance of recorded secure data destruction is often understated and in light of the new EU data protection regulations coming into effect we believe that data should be destroyed properly and not left to chance.
We at WEEE-RecycleIT udnderstand this and have in place a new set of policies to protect both us and our customers. For further information about the mobile onsite hard drive shredding service provided by Data Safe Assurance Ltd please visit  

Please note that WEEE-RecycleIT will now only digitally destroy non sensitive data on hard drives.
We will no longer remove Magnetic storage tapes from customers sites these will need be dealt with by the client or we will happily organise onsite shredding.   

To ensure data protection, all drives are quarantined and data destruction is carried out by us in our secure premises and never given to a third party.

WEEE-RecycleIT understands our customer needs for complete and secure data protection. All data destruction and documentation is carried out to the highest standards in accordance with our stringent company policies and to our customer's instructions. We guarantee that under no circumstances will we fall short of this commitment.